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We know what peace of mind actually means. Confidence in quality doesn't come overnight and that's why we are proud to say KelHay Fire Protection has been trusted by loyal customers for over 30 years. Every client's site is assessed on their needs and a unique safety plan is allocated with the cutomers consultation.

All of our products offer excellent value for money, conform to British Standards and as part of our policy to know where our material originates we only purchase from UK suppliers. Look below to see what we offer.

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Our water extinguishers are ideal for fighting a Class A fire such as standard combustable materials including wood, paper, fabric and refuse. This makes a water extinguisher the obvious choice for office and warehouse environments. Water extinguishers are widely regarded as the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to combat these types of fires. There are four different types of water extinguishers available which are jet, spray, water with addictives and fog.

Water extinguishers are effective by targeting the seat of the fire with an intense jet of water. This cools the material and significantly reduces the potential for re-ignition. This extinguisher would not be suitable for an electrical fire.

Spray extinguishers produce a mist of water droplets that are surrounded by non-conductive air.

Fire Fighting Extinguisher
Powder Fire Extinguisher


Powder Fire Extinguishers are strong multi-purpose extinguishers that can combat class A,B and C fires. Powder extinguishers work by smothering a fire which starves it of oxygen and causes the fire to go out. Tanks can be purchased in varying sizes and are ideal for larger workspaces and factories alike. Like all of our products they come with a fantastic 5 year warranty.

Powder extinguishers can be easily identified by their blue label and can be ordered using the specification chart below.

Powder Chart


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extinguishers are ideal for fighting electrical and electrical fires. This makes them essential in office spaces, server rooms and areas that contain electrical appliances. They can also be used on Class B fires resulting from flammable liquids and petrol. They are effective by smothering the fire from essential oxygen needed. C02 extinguishers can be identifed by their black label and have a high quality corrosion resistant finish. As always with KelHay Fire Protection each extinguisher comes with a 5 year warranty and can be purchased in 2kg and 5kg tanks.

c02 on black


Foam extinguishers work effectively when used against liquid fires such as petrol or diesel. They are also versatile and can be used against fires orginating from solid material including wood and paper. This makes them popular in office and warehouses alike.

The foam extinguishes the fire by smothering the fuel thus breaking the Fire Triangle. Foam extinguishers have a cream label and can be ordered in varying sizes.


Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers contains a solution of potassium which effectively attacks the flame in two methods:

Firstly the mist cools the fire and lowers the temperature to stop the fire spreading, also prevents splashing of the hot oils/fat.

Secondly the potassium salts react with the hot oil and causes the process of saponification, coating the surface of the cooking oil or fat in soapy foam that is non combustible and acts as a barrier between the fat and oil.

With high fire ratings for Class A, B and F fires, wet chemical fire extinguishers are a must for any fire risk involving cooking oil or deep fat fryer fires. Available in 2ltr, 3ltr and 6ltr models, the extinguishers are also safe for inadvertent use on live electrical equipment up to 1000v at a distance of 1 metre.


KelHay Fire Protection is trusted to protect companies in numerous locations. That trust comes from hard work, honesty and a valued approach which we provide to all of our customers. A comprehensive site survey is always conducted and the result discussed with the client. This ensures each customer is offered a transparent and honest approach in which they can be sure they are treated fairly.

We don't cut corners and know how important safety is when operating a business. That knowledge comes from 30 years experience in the fire protection industry and you can be sure when using KelHay Fire Proection you will be offered the service your business derserves.

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