Confidence Through Communication

Safety signs and signals are one of the main means of communicating essential health and safety information. Safety signs are crucial in any work environment and we take them very serously. All KelHay Fire Protection signs are certified to British Standards and are guarenteed to last. We understand not all environments are the same and that is why we work with you to establish your needs. Have a look below to see what we offer along with the benefits or proper signage.

Portrait Fire Safety Signs

Portrait Fire Signage

Our portrait orientated sigs are manufactured to British Safety Standards are are comprised of photoluminescent materials. This provides exceptionally high visibility allowing them to be read in reduced lighting. Constructed from rigid plastic and durable these signs are ideal for almost all work environments.

Landscape Safety Signs

Landscape signs are manufactured to British Safety Standards ensuring Health and Safety Legislation Compliance. All signs are manufactured from photoluminescent materials. Made from high quality durable plastic they are perfect for environments which require safety instructions to be clearly visible.

Health and Safety Poster

Health and Safety Posters

Health and Safety Executive compliant posters and signage ensure up to date information is supplied to everyone visiting the workplace. As with all KelHay Fire Protection signs they are a cost effective and durable solution. Signs can be ordered to replace your current stock or recommended following our bespoke site survey.

No Smoking

No Smoking Signs

No smoking Signs and posters are required by law in all places of work. The high quality plastic workplace signs ensure complience with the UK government smoking rules and regulations.

Brushed Aluminium Signs

Both long lasting and weatherproof these brushed aluminium safety signs provide you with a solution to areas that require signage and are outdoor. Robust and high-quality they offer the perfect safety solution.

Fire Safety Stickers

Self Adhesive Signs

Cost effective and able to be placed on numerous surfaces the self adhesive signs allow you to make staff and customers aware of hazards in the workplace. Available in both landscape and portrait orientation.