Fire Safety Awareness Course

A two hour course designed around you

A concise course packed full of essential content. Our Fire Safety Awarenes Course is our most popular session and is ideally suited for all types of work environments. The course combines theoretical and practical sessions enabling course condidates to respond effictively to emergency situations.

All delegates recieve a comprehensive course manual and completion certificate. Delegates will be given the practical opportunity to use a Fire Extinguisher to control a live fire in a controlled training environment. Our instructors use environmentally friendly simulation apparatus ensuring sustainable and responsible practices.

This course has proven to promote confidence in trained staff whilst ensuring employers are compliant with relevant Government fire and Health and Safety regualtions.

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What's Included

Training Room and Practical Sessions

  • Introduction
  • Why Fire Training is Required
  • Fire Legislation
  • Raising the Alarm
  • Calling the Fire Brigade
  • Evacuation Procedures - Roll Call and Assembly Points
  • Theory of Fire - Fire Triangle
  • Classes of Fire, Fire Spread and Extinction
  • Common Causes of Fire
  • Fire Extinguisher Types and Uses
  • Fire Prevention

Practical Sessions

  • All Popular Types of Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets

Demostrated on a realistic environmentally friendly fire using simulation enquipment. All delegates are invited to participate.